Best tennis player among celebrities?


Talk Tennis Guru
Gotta say it again... Anna Kournikova was probably one of the best celebrity tennis players, hands down. Good enuff to win 16 doubles titles at the pro level (incl 2 Slams and 2 Tour Finals). Not too shabby at all for a celebrity.
Matthew Perry is not that good. If he played in high school, that probably says something about his high school's tennis program - all high school programs are not alike. And he might have even been the 12th best player on his high school team.

Among other famous people, George Bush Sr. was a pretty good player. Bill Gates also isn't half bad, especially for someone who spends so much time making kajillions. I saw Gates play in an exhibition in Seattle a couple years ago - I'd probably rate him a 3.5. Not great, but he knew what he was doing. Much more than I can say for founder Jeff Bezos, who made a fool of himself with a tennis racquet in his hand.
Gates 3.5? No way