Best thin polys


I had a love affair with Solinco Tour Bite 18g. Still my favorite full bed of poly in a tight string pattern racquet. Very arm friendly imho, but I have never had arm/elbow/wrist issues in the past because of string. Just bad technique... lol


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Yonex Poly Tour Pro is an amazing string. It offers everything that you would want from a polyester + it is arm friendly. I've tried it both on a 18x20 pattern (strung on a higher tension) and a 16x19 (lower tension) - works great! It is a great option for a hybrid as well! Works great with Wilson Sensation for mains IMO.


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Strung up some tour bite 20G the other day. I absolutely loved it while it lasted - got just under two hours out of it before snapping. If I could get even 4-5 hours out of this string I may switch to it as my go to string. I am going to try hyper g 20G tonight, I suspect the results will be similar.


I second MSV 1.18. Just make sure you're using the black color; it seems to play best.

PL2 comes in a close 2nd to me. Color wise, i've played in red and black. Red seems to play better.

TourBite did me in with tennis elbow for some reason.