Best workout app you have found


I'm curious if anyone has any recommendations for a workout planning app. I was using an app called Muscle Booster, which planned workouts for you based on your goals, but it had a severe shortcoming I couldn't get past. It wanted you to do a circuit for each body part. As an example, the chest workout would have you do bench press, dumbbell flyes, incline press, and chest dips. You do a set of each exercise in a circuit, rest, and start the circuit again. This is VERY difficult in a busy gym because there is no way you can get all of the stations you need nor do you want to monopolize four stations at a time. I asked tech support and there is no option for doing workouts an exercise at a time to completion, i.e. bench press for four sets, move to the next exercise.

I have been bodybuilding for years but I am on a plateau right now and am just looking for something new with fresh, ever-changing workouts that will keep me on a strict time schedule. I would rather have workouts made for me rather than make up my own stagnant workouts. I am not training specifically for tennis and am more into bodybuilding. I have been training for 20+ years and am just looking for something new to help me plan good workouts.
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Beachbody on Demand.
  • Nike Training Club.
  • MyFitnessPal.
  • Strong Workout Tracker.
  • Jefit.
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