Better backhand: Gasquet or Wawrinka?


I like Stan's, ever so slightly, but I think Gasquet's is the more aesthetically pleasing...whatever that counts for:neutral:

So what do you think??


Gasquet's BH is more vulnerable on faster surfaces if you can rush him off that side, thus forcing him to play way behind the baseline.

Wawrinka can play both defense and offense with his BH, particularly very close to the baseline which robs time away from his opponents. Gasquet can do that, but he's nowhere near as consistent as Wawrinka.

It's pretty close TBH.


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Gasquet for sure. One of the most explosive one handers the game has ever seen. Just a fantastic shot.


Gasquet by a longshot.

No way dude. Wawa's got the best backhands in town. I agree with the above posters that said Wawa can play and offensive and/or defensive backhand (very imp in this day and age) and that Richard's takeback being so long, albeit beautiful causes him to have trouble with fast paced groundies to his backside wing.


I know right. I feel like half these posts are from people who haven't even seen a single Wawa game before.

Wawrinka out backhanded Murray in their match at the USO last year; goes to show you how good his backhand really is. I've seen Gasquet do it before, but not recently (he has been out of form up until recently, so who knows).

I think it's really close; it depends on the surface and the form of the players. Both are probably tied IMO as the best 1HBHs today, only rivaled by maybe Almagro simply due to his sheer pace.


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On clay, Wawrinka's backhand is just... average. Gasquet's on the other side, is the best backhand on clay BY FAR.

In faster surfaces, it would be close, but because of the allround capabilities of the backhand (slice, shotmaking, rally, topspin) I'd still prefer Gasquet's.


Wawrinka. Gasquet's is much flaishier though, and yes it IS obviously very effective.

I just find gasquet can be rushed on the backhand side, and in a rally, due to the time it takes for his takeback


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I think the above posters hit the nail on the head. Gasquet needs more time to setup with his one handed backhand (bigger loop), hence tends to play abit further behind the baseline. However he can compensate for his deep court position due to his extreme grip, which allows him to hit with alot of topspin, more so than Wawrinka. Both are arguably the best single handers in the mens game, but Stan has that ability to take the ball early and really rush opponents.

Yeah but Gasquet just hits a winner from 15 feet behind the baseline while in a full sprint. Its just a sick shot ....the Gasquet backhand. Only french players can hit shots like this.

I will still take Edberg's though!:)


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Gasquet has hit shots with his backhand that I thought were impossible. Sometime it looks like he just gets bored with the point and decides to rip an extreme angle winner. Although Wawrinka's backhand is very good...Gasquet's backhand is probably one of the best backhand's of all time.


Two of my favorite players on tour, and two of my favorite shots also. I would take Gasquet's, though.


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Gasquet uses the extreme BH grip, more suitable to clay with its high bounces. He has to stay further back, but gets the additional power, spin and angles.

Wawrinka is using the classic Eastern BH grip, allowing him to perform better on hard courts, take the ball on the rise, attack the net.
I can't believe there is a thread for this, gasquet has one the best backhands ever, second to only Nalbandian. Stan's doesn't even come close


What do you peeps think now?

Wawrinka has a much more conservative backhand grip than Gasquet, but I'm starting to think that it's better than Gasquet's up on high balls. Not sure how though - perhaps Wawrinka just has more brute strength.

His backhand seems more brutish in general than Gasquet's - more rotation of the torso into the shot, less left arm flying backwards (in the 'spreading wings' pose) to stabilize, less wristy movement, less supination through contact (and more 'solid contact')...etc...

The trajectory seems 'heavy' rather than 'loopy', which Gasquet's can seem - but both hit with plenty of margin over the net. I'm not sure who takes the backhand early better because Gasquet is less inclined to do it, but has great timing and can certainly do it well.

Gasquet can get 3000rpm average on his backhand - do you guys reckon Wawrinka gets that much?

It's great to have these two backhands in the top 10 - both backhands look obviously very different to each other, and both must be stronger in certain areas than the other... not sure how though.... I've got nothing against the 2hbh - but nearly all of them (bar Nadal's) look identical to each other. It's great to see some stroke variety on the tour.


Hard to say. But in the handful of Gasquet and Wawrinka matches that I've seen, Wawrinka's looks to be the more effective. However, my view may be a bit biased because I've only really watched Stan in this close encounters against Djokovic over the last year or so when he's been on fire. I've seen some impressive Gasquet highlights and I understand why some think his BH is aesthetically pleasing but I actually find that big windup to be unelegant. Most elegant 1HBH for me is still Roger's.


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Stan seems to slice a lot, probably because of his movement. If we take that into account I'd rathet have Almagro's bh. I'm not sure about Gasquet's slice frequency, though.


This thread hasn't seen action since Wawrinka won a slam this year.

It's interesting reading the responses from a few years ago when most people thought it was Gasquet hands down.

While Stan's backhand is a much bigger weapon than Gasquets' now, I'm unconvinced that he can do as much with the ball as Gasquet. By that I mean that I haven't seen Stan hit ridiculous CC angles from inside the court or hit backhand swinging volleys as if it was a regular groundstroke. Basically, I think Gasquet is more creative with his shotmaking and that is why his backhand was favored more a few years ago despite him not winning anything major. With Stan's backhand, we are only hearing all this praise since 2013 when he started playing good in big events despite him having the ability to smack filthy backhand winners on people since he turned pro.


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stans backhand has been and still is way more consistent. his down the line shot can really make a difference.


Gasquet's backhand requires way too much preparation and take-back. While perhaps more aesthetically pleasing or technically perfect, it's just not viable enough in a real rally to be a weapon like Wawrinka's bh.


Wawrinka by a big margin. Gasquet's BH is very overrated. Stan can take the ball way earlier and play from a much better court position.


I like the simple motion of Wawrinka's but Gasquet's is better IMO. He hits it deaper and with more topspin. Gasquet's forehand gets him out of position and he relies on his backhand to get him out of trouble.

Matt H.


in his match against Murray at Sony last year, he ripped a chest high backhand 100mph down the line.