Better durability 18g Co-Focus?


Does anyone have a recommendation for a string similar to the 18g (1.18mm) of Co-Focus that has better durability? I tried it in hopes of switching back to full poly and liked it for the comfort and how easy it was to transition from a hybrid. I don't want to toy around with 17 gauge poly because I have always had arm trouble with anything thicker than 18 gauge.

I was recommended Hyper-G... which everyone seems to be recommending no matter what... but do not have an interest in trying it based on what I have read.


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just the nature of thin strings.
try 17 gauge but drop your tension down a bit.
try going half way, either 18 in crosses / 17 in the main...adjust tension a tad.
you are always going to have little a give and take.../ compromise...
also have you tried the msv focus hex "soft" 1.20 gauge?

you will figure it out...


I see CoPolyX's reply as post #2. His usual musings.

Even though you specified you don't want to try 17 Ga or 1.25 mm, I will tell you to try it anyway. Use the same tension you use with the 1.18 mm and the stringbed will feel softer. BTW, your sig says Team Stinger...I hope you meant Team Stringer.

Durability is primarily a function of string diameter. So is tension maintenance. 18 Ga strings belong in 18x20 90 in^2 frames. Anywhere else and they will break in under 6 hours.