Better mover right now, Med or Djok?

Better mover now?

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Med is better at moving, Djokovic is better on the stretch.
The problem for Med is he can’t move for more than 3 sets


Kind of funny actually. Djoker actually does it with style and ease. Almost dare I say beautifully chaotic?

Meds movement is just ugly.

James P

This is the nail on the head. Med does everything really well but looks so disfunctional doing so. He is so effective but he always looks uncomfortable.
Medvedev looks like an accountant that picks up a racquet once a week for a hit. Reminds me of those old youtube vids of goofy dressed white boys that are actually D1 collegiate basketball players and they end up dominating a court out of nowhere.


Medvedev takes like 1.75 steps for every 1 step Djokovic takes, if you watch the AO final again it’s immediately noticeable who is the more efficient mover.

Third Serve

Medvedev is a really incredible mover and defender given his height handicap, but Djokovic is still better because a tall, lanky 6'6" dude just doesn't compare that well to a 6'2" guy.


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You can't really compare a guy who is 1.88 and lean with a guy who is 1.98 tall.

But if take Medvedev's lateral reach into account, he is one of the best defenders ever for his height.
Did you see his insane gets today at 40-40 2nd set 5-1 to win the point?


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That isn’t too do with movement my friend. The title is confusing does it mean just getting around quicker or his movement/anticipation
Djokovic took Med to school, especially at the 2021 AO final. It proves that Djokovic is a much better mover. Med didn't do much better against two previous BO5 matches either.

You're what your record says you're.


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One secret of Djokovic is that he needs fewer steps to reach the ball, because of his sliding, stretching, anticipation and experience.


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On hardcourts....and extremely is a stretch until he starts beating past their primes Djokodal in slams
Well he only played both once both in finals. He was expected to lose in USO 19 and challenged Nadal in a tight 5 sets.
Ill agree the AO was such a letdown. He had won 20 matches in a row and went off slight favourite. I wasn’t disappointed he lost its Djokovic at the AO it was the way he lost
On hardcourts....and extremely is a stretch until he starts beating past their primes Djokodal in slams
How is it a stretch? He's the second best player on the surface besides Djokovic right now and he's a very strong and clear 2nd favorite for the USO. Considering we haven't seen Djokovic since the Olympics, it's very possible Medvedev actually comes into the tournament with better form too because he's looked fantastic in Canada and Cinci so far.