Better serve, Nadal or Zverev?

Better serve?

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Define better serve.

Nadal's serve - Not huge but super reliable.
Zv serve - A huge serve when it's on. But when it's not, it destroys him. His second serve is atrocious.

Anyone would take Nadal's consistent serve over Zv. A serve is no good if you make only say 40% of time.


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Zverev mind is always thinking about gold that he forgets he is playing. Nadal serve is the Errani of male tennis.


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zverev first serve. he just beat djokovic easily. nadal cant even beat djokovic -ever.


Nadal has never really had a great serve and now he’s suffering even more. As his baseline game has declined as well as his physical condition/stamina.
It was never great but he's suffering now because his serve has inexplicably gotten worse. Instead of getting better or staying the same, his has actually decline with age. It's bizarre to watch.

All he had to do was serve at his old normal levels from recent years and it'd be a completely different season for him. Probably looking at at least a slam and 2 Masters on his plate if he could serve like it was 2019 again.


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I don't have the interview with me now, but Nadal said he didn't like his 2010 US Open serve, because the ball came back to him too quickly and gave him less time to hit a forehand.
Obviously it was a great serve if he got service winner, but otherwise it rushed him, so maybe he wouldn't want to have Zverev's 1st serve....
And I remember seeing Nadal's serving stats on TV during that 2010 US Open, and in the Final (vs. Djokovic) he was only hitting the 1st Serve at 116mph, whereas for his tournament overall it was 120mph.