better volleyer - federer or nadal?

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i think mcenroe at one point said rafa was/or is the best volleyer in the top 100. even tho roger is more known for volleying i must admit after watching these two i dont really remember rafa missing a volley ever. even though he doesn't come in nearly as much as roger, alot of rafas volleys ive seen are quite difficult off his shoelaces and he handles them with ease.. roger on the other hand, something with his technique maybe looks like he doesn't get a max amount of punch on the ball.. & i see him routinely miss easy volleys now and what do you think? i think i would choose rafa as the moment!


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Some people just need a brain implant.


OP: if you can't tell that Federer is 10 times the volleyer Nadal is, there's no hope. And I don't think Roger is remotely in the league of Edberg or Mac. But he's still vastly, vastly better than Nadal, who never ventures to the net unless it's an easy put away.

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uh...Nadal is very reliable at the net and on overheads...very effective...but Federer is better/more skilled.

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I would try to use a "cool" example:

1. Nadal approach 50 not so beautiful women and gets laid 45 times
2. Federer approach 50 of the most beautiful women out there and gets laid 25 times.

Who is the bigger "player" ?!
I don't know, do you have a ruler and tape measure?

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well if im wrong im wrong... my only reasoning was i see federer miss volleys, some quite easy, and rafa just doesn't miss...
maybe what mcenroe said persuaded me too...his technique is very solid

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Federer is a much better natural volleyer. Nadal's volleys can almost look choppy at times, a really abrupt motion. In terms of effectiveness, I think Federer can do much more with his volleys from a more neutral rally than Nadal can.


Federer by far. Don't be fooled by some of his poor volleys in his latest match.

Watch his AO 2016 match be Goffin or 2014 Shanghai match vs Djokovic for some top class volleying. Or Rome 2006 final.

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Fededer has a slight edge but that doesn't mean Nadal is a slouch. Both have great touch at the net and excellent smashes and overheads (specially BH ones).