Between the 4 next slams, bet365 gives Federer the best chance at UO, are they right?


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So according to you are bet365 right when they tell that Federer has better chance to win UO than RG, AO and WB.


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Perhaps they are preparing to make the conditions faster. I wouldn't doubt the wisdom of bet365.


I think he has a better shot at Wim and maybe even AO. The conditions at USO seem to affect him more than any other tournament. Maybe it's the humidity?
Since Federer last won in 2008, USO is a slam with 7 different winners, the most of any, so I think that's the logic behind it.


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US Open? He hasn't won there since 2008 (not sure what phenomenon caused him to win 5 in a row then nothing since.... can't figure it out :unsure:)


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It could be so. Djokovic is much less dominant at UO, than at either Wimby or AO. Usually it's him who stands in Roger's way!


He hasn't won USO since 2008; which is probably when most of the keyboard warriors on this forum moved out of their diapers.


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I think US is least likely. Slow, hot, sweaty.
That’s not as strange as it may sound at first thought. I think if Nadal loses at RG (unlikely, but let’s just assume it), his chances at RG aren’t that bad. It would say at RG he’s more likely to beat Djokovic than at both hardcourt Slams.


It makes sense by 2 metrics:

1. That Federer's knees are in better shape by September than July
2. Higher chance of Djokovic being injured

So in that sense, sure. Otherwise it's 100% Wimbledon considering other than Roger and Novak the field is powerfully weak.


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It makes sense, since Djokovic is a much bigger favorite at Wimby and AO. USO is a much more even distribution among the top 4-5!


In an olympic year old man just being able to play the USO will be a big deal.
What makes you think that? At 38 he was able to play back to back 5 setters and still pull off wins against younger players. His critics have been pushing this narrative since 2009, how much more does he have to achieve for them to accept that he is still capable?

Of course, injury is another thing so sometimes the back will act up and cause him to lose a match (ie. vs. Dimitrov USO) but that happens relatively rarely.