Beyond the playtest: HEAD Prestige Classic 2.0 - a deep dive into the remake of an iconic tennis racquet

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We know you love the classic line of Head Prestiges as much as we do! So it was easy for a few of us to come together and talk about the heritage of these racquets and all the nostalgia around the new intro of the Prestige Classic 2.0! Sporting the iconic maroon color that was introduced with the Prestige Pro 600 in the late 80s, this racquet is not only a great collectible, but it also offers a truly phenomenal hitting experience. With its compact head, thin 19.5mm beam, dense string pattern and low RA the Prestige Classic 2.0 delivers the buttery feedback and mindless precision of a bygone era. That said, this is no mere clone of the original. Head spent over a year experimenting with different layups in order to create a slightly more stable and powerful response without losing the sublime feel that has attracted generations of players. The upshot, according to our TW playtesters, is a more modern Prestige Classic, one that makes it easier to get the ball moving through the court. That said, even without Twaron, this modern remake still captures the magical playability that has defined this racquet since its release over 30 years ago.

We tried to answer all your questions in terms of who has played with the Prestiges from the past and which one this plays closest to as well as what makes this racquet a must have!

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Happy Hitting!

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Two more flashy players that used the Prestige Mids were Hicham Arazi and Younes El Aynaoui. I don't think their names were mentioned in the podcast. Hicham definitely falls into that shot-making category of players that was either "on" or "off". His Moroccan compatriot Younes El Aynaoui was also a Prestige Mid user, although I remember Younes with the iPrestige Mid (epic 2003 Australian Open quarterfinal against Roddick), and Hicham with the classic red Prestige Mid.
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