Bianca Andreescu!


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Back in the seventies, a meniscus injury meant mandatory retirement.

She's muscular and her build puts more pressure on her knees.

I won't be reassured until she's back on a tennis court and playing semis/finals.
Well, why do i hate to be right ?

She just pulled out the january 2 Aukland tourney because of knee issues.

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yea, AO in danger as well :confused:
Well then, let's petition the tennis authorities to follow in the footsteps of baseball and football, and return to grass from hard rubber, which has caused so much knee and leg grief to players.

It's getting ridiculous.
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Bianca kinda reminds me of a young Azarenka. Very feisty and hard to beat, and is able to mix up play with a ton of variety and aggression.


I have a ton of pictures of her from a bit ago at our local $25k ITF tourney. Met her and she was actually quite nice. Have to find the pictures.


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I wonder if her knee issues is truly affected by her weight, she doesn't seem as bulky as some people suggest to me. I'm hoping she'd recover soon, she was having a fantastic year in 2019.


This continues to happen. The writing is on the wall for a very short career unfortunately. Sad.
There's no way to know. Various players have had issues trouble them over time, but they managed to have it treated enough for their careers to continue. From Serena's life-threatening health issue, Sampras' shin splints to Mary Pierce's back, et al., players still carried on. In Andreescu's case, if her issue is not going to be such a hinderance to her mechanically, she will be back sooner than later, I imagine.