Bicep Tendon

Over the last couple weeks, I've experienced some on and off pain on my bicep tendon according to muscle/tendon charts. I'll feel it once in a while if I'm reaching to put my socks on, or turning the steering wheel counterclockwise with my right arm, or while Kaepernicking (I don't do this on the court, just testing the pain)

Now it's not a constant pain, one day I'll feel fine, other days I'll wake up with a little pain. I'm clearly doing to stay away from the weights. But how about tennis? I hardly feel it while playing tennis, only once in a while when I'm pulling my right arm back to hit my one handed backhand. (I'm right handed)

Anyone else experience this? How long did you miss?
The biceps is not all that important for tennis - most tennis actions involve firing the extensors - and the the triceps is much more or an important muscle on groundstrokes, serves and volleys.

From what you say "I'm clearly doing to stay away from the weights." my guess would be the discomfort may have been from doing doing too many curls. Does this sound right?

It should be okay to play tennis as long as there is no "pain" while playing (Slight "soreness" is okay as long as the trend is for it to continue to improve.)


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Lifting your arm and overhead motions (like tennis) can put a strain on the biceps tendons. Take it easy for a bit and don't let it develop into something more serious.
Check the strings you are playing with. change to softer strings and see if that solves your problem. I had pain in the bicep before, especially felt it on the outer side of the muscle. Went from luxilon to a multifilament and it solved my arm pain problem.