Big 3 Fans what are your wishes for remainder of the careers of your favourite player.


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So my favourite is Rafa and my realistic wish us him winning 2 more slams - 1 Rg(which should be his last slam win) and 1 else where preferably Aus open although I know it's too tough but it's a wish and realistic one since he us among contenders if fully fit.
What are your for your favourite member of the Big 3?


5. World Tour Finals
4. Australian Open
3. Wimbledon
2. His hair to grow back
1. Sleeves
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I feel like I have said two more Slams whenever this question was asked. Since he is still a strong contender I'll say the same thing now, two more with US Open being one of them. It has come to the point of feeling more frustrated there than at Roland Garros. Winning in Torino for number 6 would be nice too. The rest I don't know. Maybe going to some of the 250/500 tournaments he rarely participated at before, just to see something different.

Most importantly though, something vital for all the above to have a chance of happening, is a healthy late career. Especially after seeing the other two going through their current problems which sucks, Novak never going down that road himself would be immense...
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1 more AO and 2 more Wimbledons for Djokovic, 10/2/8/3 would be good enough for me.

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At this point I'd just like Federer to be able to retire on his own terms, to play his final tournament/match and walk off court feeling no pain or injury. If I were to really stretch my imagination a final title win in Basel would be incredible but that's not realistic.


I would like for all three to be healthy in 2022 and show the younguns how it is done one more time. Sort of the last hurrah. Although this last part (the last hurrah) does not apply fully to Djokovic as I feel he has more in the tank than the other two.


I want three more Wimbledon titles against Novak in the final (preferably giving him 40-15 thrice)

beating Nadal in a USO final

beating Nadal at the french

CYGS but that’s probably asking too much