Big Banger LTS Multimono, softest Big Banger string?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by djones, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. djones

    djones Hall of Fame

    May 19, 2004
    I have tried Big Banger Ace, the string felt great, but it broke within 4 hours of playing.
    But has anyone tried Big Banger LTS Multimono yet?
    This string is also supposed to be very soft and comfortable.
  2. tennis4losers

    tennis4losers Semi-Pro

    Jul 23, 2005
    How do you play? heavy spin? what. did it feel soft and comfortable? i found that the claims made by big banger are not always true
  3. PurePrestige

    PurePrestige Semi-Pro

    Oct 13, 2004
    I used a hybrid with it in my LM Prestige Mid. used Luxilon LTS MultiMono mains at 53 lbs and Gamma Syn. Gut Red in crosses at 51 lbs. I loved it personally it was my favorite setup. I really enjoyed it, it kinda feels like a crisper version of Alu Power.

    Also this setup lasted foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...I ended up cutting it out because I wanted to try a new setup. It lasted like a month playing every day for 1-6 hours.

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