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I'm seeing lots and lots of threads about the big three and not much else. I see the odd thread about Osaka. The odd thread about Kyrgios. But mostly it's all about the big three atm. GOATs. Who will win the most slams. Would 2005 Federer beat 2015 Djokovic. Will Djokovic beat Nadal at the French. Whose aged the worst. Should Nadal get a hair transplant. Does Djokovic not get on with Becker. Why is peak Federer not winning so many matches aged 37 etc etc etc.

So this thread is dedicated to the big three. Talk big three all you want here. Which year was Nadal really at his peak? Did Federer take advantage of a weak era? Who wins between 2011, 2015 and 2019 Djokovic?

Discuss it all here in this exclusive big three thread.


we need more big three threads

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I sympathise with OP.
I, too, am bored this afternoon.

Um, Nadal is still the favourite for RG, and Fed is probably done winning slams bar a reasonable shot at Wimbledon in this mug field.
I also think Nads is already getting transplants.


I’d like to know why Fed is still so much more appealing and celebrated than Djokdal.

After apparently being reported, the mods deleted my thread on that question.

Maybe everyone would like to weigh in on why Federer is the greatest on this thread.

So have at it TTW!!


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anderson will destroy both fedr and djoker at wimbledon again, providing nadal another easy grand slam


Good idea for a thread. The Big Three has been the huge story of this era, for many many years. Throughout these times, three players have stood far and away above the rest.

Who will win the war of the Big Three in the end in terms of:

Weeks #1

Have at it¬!¬¬¬!


Um, I've heard that Xisca is carrying 2 pairs of triplets :D. Xicsa beating Mirka, so Rafa is GOAT.
Jelena is working out trying to have quadruplets, but she is too skinny ... so, we don't know. If she somehow manages than Djokovic will be the GOAT.


Weeks #1

I'll go first. This is really exciting!!!

Slams - Federer
Weeks #1 - Djokovic
YE#1 - Djokovic
Masters - Djokovic
YEC - Djokovic

Let's add titles...

Titles - Djokovic... nah, Federer to scrape it just about.