Big titles: comparison top 5 all-time female champions

Taking into consideration only the 5 female champions (without recovering the unbeatable Lenglen or Connolly or the phenomenal Seles amputated by a blade) the question summing up seems to me quite clear and easy in the end.

Court demolished everyone, won more big titles of all (except perhaps Martina and Chrissie), has 24 slams, the GS (1970) dominated, stopped playing, dominated, stopped playing, dominated, stopped definitely. The only negative aspect I find is that the real opponent (Bueno) may have had some serious problems, King was very strong but not of Level 1.

Navratilova and Evert have only won 18 slams (especially Chrissie has missed so many, some at the RG in a safe) but have won more than all the other three in terms of big titles.
They did not interrupt their career as a Court but had a level 1 opponent for many years (Chrissie for Martina and the opposite). And this IMHO weighs so much.

Graf has 22 slams, one less than Serena. But he won more Big Titles. And he won a GS (1988). She had the misfortune of having an opponent of Level 1 who massacred her for a while then she was lucky that a razor got her out of the way.

Serena has won an incredible amount of slam. But it's not the record for now. Did not make the GS. He won few Big titles compared to the others 4.
He did not have King or Evert, Navratilova or Seles as his opponents.

Without the media push Serena is 5th.

With statements such as "The only negative aspect I find is that the real opponent (Bueno) may have had some serious problems" and "an opponent of Level 1 who massacred her for a while", you lose credibility with your analyses because you show immense subjectivity which honestly makes me doubt your choices of what was a tier 1 tournament before the Graf/Serena eras for the other 3 greats.

Your have a blind bias to Seles. Also you have bias to the days of old where players played so many low level opponents and 2/3 round tournaments and hence amassed the 150+ overall titles.



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Why do you keep putting 16 for Serena's Tier I/Premier tournaments, when she has 23?