Bigger forehand: Verdasco or Sock?

Bigger forehand: Verdasco or Sock?

  • Verdasco

    Votes: 32 82.1%
  • Sock

    Votes: 7 17.9%

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These guys are a similar size so their leverages are similar for a fairer comparison.

Verdasco's technique is very similar to Nadal's; modern with a straight arm at contact for more leverage over the ball.

Sock's contact point is very bent-up and contorted looking, but he compensates by having that ultra-modern Khachanov/Kyrgios type of motion where the racket head points towards the ball for much of the backswing, then snaps backwards at the last second from where it whips forwards again to contact. So the acceleration is more violent to compensate for the lever-arm being shorter than a straight arm at contact allows.

So they have different ways of hitting huge forehands. Whose is bigger?
Surely the guy in my avatar has more racquet head speed on the forehand than Fernando, as big as Fernando's is. Some of the forehands I've seen Sock hit were out of this world in terms of pure power(spin and velocity). But his technique is very limited, so overall I'd still say that Fernando has a better forehand than Jack.