Bill & Ted's Brosephly Bonanza!

In which the boys and their pseudo-historical homeys party down the cosmos.

Careening meanwhile through a parallel dimension one may find—you guessed it—Wayne Campbell, Garth Algar, & friends keeping it crunk 'til six in the mornin'!

Most excellent warriors, I submit to you the following:

These dynamic duos and their parodic hijinks offered up a crystalline snapshot of a subculture that persists to this very day.

The question for me at this point is quite simple:

Is a viral scourge enough to squelch the Brotherly Bash That Just Won't Quit? :unsure:
Hells to the nah. :sneaky:

Wondering what Wayne himself thinks of all this? Glad you asked! A little bird told me he's intrigued by the concept.

Bill? Ted? Thoughts?

I know. Dudes, you may be well into middle age now... but that furious knocking you hear is just opportunity growing impatient.

There are generations in need of schooling, boys.

Carpe this diem like no other. (y)

These can't hurt.


Bionic Poster
Juiced imajine Morpheus offering Ted and Austin Powers the blue and red pills! Austin chooses the blue pill but it’s rhomboid shaped and he becomes blissfully ignorant while enjoying a shagadelic high.Oh, behave!


Bionic Poster
lol, sweet!

Hoping this doesn't ruin the legend for me... just 'cause of wacky "grown-up" Bill & Ted plot twists. o_O

But I'm willing to roll the dice on that! LOL!
Lol same..... have great memories of Bill and Ted being on TV on Saturday afternoons quite often as a kid.... it felt..... "magical" :D (I know that's the point, but you know what I mean) ...... the nostalgia is heavy :)
What in blue blazes?!

Dudes. :oops:

Bill & Ted's Excellent Phone Booth is available for purchase!