black friday sale sneak peek


Yeah, now all we gotta do is get the Canadian $ up a bit in the exchange rate to make it worthwhile for us north of the 49th parallel. :(

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It is a play on the 12 Days of Christmas song. Each day will be a different sale item for 12 days.

Brittany, TW


Weren't the last few years Black Fridays just you guys throwing your already for sale items on a single page with a 'Black Friday' header? Is it going to be better or the same this year?


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Maybe a throwback to the old days? 20% off gift cards?
Yes,yes,please hear our the mighty TennisWarehouse powers-that-be..pull-leaze(x2 now). Rather buy from yus guys(TW) than to shop around for the best deals. It was always something that us old TT fanboys could look forward to:)

Could set a limits to get the 20%, just saying..
TW please post start time...just hate to refresh TW website in busy hour...

Hopefully newly design website will work in busy shopping hour (old one was crashing left & right)

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McLovin, gospa, purple-n-gold,

Unfortunately, we will not be having the gift card deal this year as much as we would like to offer it. The majority of our vendors have put restrictions on us and are not allowing us to offer it.


It will depend. Please email in to our customer service at for more information.


Yes, TWE will have some deals as well.

Brittany, TW