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    Feb 9, 2005
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    Thought I´ve found racket heaven after testing approx. 40 frames over the last 10 years-- A Prince citrus hybrid O3 260 (same as the red hybrid O3)!

    Leaded it up from 260 to 310 gram. Superpower and crasy large sweetspot, just rip and win don´t think.

    Now I know better--- what abaout feel, looks and control?

    Well, well it´s not the frame it´s me but let´s keep it simple and enjoy the game. So since 3 weeks ago the Wilson BLX six one 16*18 is my frame.

    Not near as powerful and I miss that from the prince. But touch and feel is way better. And power using weight is pretty nice when the timing´s on--- PLOW THROUGH.

    What´s also back in my game is "Roger´s" sliced backhand the one that dosen´t bounce. That´s and enjoyement right there.

    To sum it up: you win some loose some whatever frame you use. Only make sure that it feeels right.


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