Blade 98 16x19 v7 vs. Gravity Tour


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Curious how these sticks compare, especially in terms of power, control, spin, and touch/feel. Any other distinguishing characteristics would be welcome as well. Would love to hear from some people who have hit with both. Thanks!


I am intrigued about this one, so I am watching!

I play a 2015 Prince TT100P, and I have tested the Blade 98 16x19 v7 just once in 2019. I had a Gravity tour for a while as a backup racket.

As I remember, although GT has a lower SW by spec, it felt a bit clunky, which I think was it being a bigger frame ...and it was also more powerful than the Blade. Blade felt more comfortable to me.


Played with both. Both great feeling racquets, but i like the gravity feel more. Similar power, more spin from Blade and more control from gravity. The one thing i disliked on both was the lack of maneuverability, specially on the gravity.


Blade is more maneuverable, rubbery soft, better serving, more power, feels like a sexy blade (in the new PJ)

Gravity slightly more stable hoop, slightly less power and so, more control. much larger sweet spot. Still comfy but it’s not as obvious. Feels chunky and ugly (lol)

with these two, very important to remember two things:

1. Check the specs before you buy! If weight and balance are of concern, do your homework.
2. Go with low tension. 48 gravity. 49 blade. Salt to taste from here.