Blade 98 CounterVail 16x19 how are you setting it up?


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Just tried this stick and I'm liking it a lot. Wondering what how you guys have it setup. Right now I have lead at the 3 and 9 all the way on the yellow paint and a leather grip. Not sure what else strings/tension I should be trying out. Also how does it compare with the 18x20


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I added 16 grams of Blue Stik inside the handle 4 grams at 3 & 9. Cream in the crosses and NXT Power 16 in the mains. It weighs 348 grams now...So nice to hit with.

dave t

6 grams of blue tack stuffed in butt. 6 grams of lead wrapped around 7. 2 g lead at 12. Gut/poly 54/50.


I haven't used any lead, but I enjoy poly in low/mid 50's. I have Cyclone at 54 right now and it feels really grippy but still super solid.