Blake vs Federer

who will win?

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I can't believe Blake is still using Agassi's 90's serve returning style right at the baseline. Even Agassi dumped that strategy from 21st century (during his last a few years) .

James, please, stand a few feet back, use your excellent wheels, and play some serious defense game !!! Then go for your macho forehand.


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With this being clay, I can really see Fed making a game of it.

I'll say Blake in 2 close sets... 3 sets if Fed is playing really well.


woow one match did he get a medal??? nope so its just one win out of 9
No he missed out by one spot. Djokovic unfortunately ended up with the bronze. But he could have been playing for the silver against Nadal.. should've beaten Gonzo in that match.

Federer in 2.


Blake is so streaky, its hard to say. Sometimes he looks unbeatable, and sometimes he looks like his rating is 500. I'd say 1 in 4 chance that Blake will win. Leaning toward Fed because he is a good claycourter, regardless of what the haters say.


Blake played well against Karlovic, but I'd still say Fed in 2. It's hard to bet against Fed on this one considering their H2H.

Those two had an amazing match in 2006. I think it was in Miami, where Blake was playing out of his mind (still lost, but it was a hell of a match).


Blake is playing some of his best clay court tennis, while Federer still seems meek in his matches. Double faulting on a break point against him (against soderling) is just one example. Federer is not going to have an easy ride against Blake tomorrow. And the whole belief thing is questionable, I'm sure Blake has confidence in his ability to beat Federer after beating him at the olympics. I still think Federer will come through, but it surely won't be fun for him (as it usually is when he plays an american player)


i think federer should win, but blake is just so streaky that sometimes u just do not know what to expect with him.

blake should just let it fly, and he may even get a W.

anyways i just hope this match does not end up becoming really one-sided.


They are out on court as the music takes a turn for the worst, Fed will be hoping "burn baby burn" isn't a sign of things to come xD

Lars graff, todays chair umpire gives the camera a very prolonged thumbs up


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Fed Express or recently known as ExFed in 2 I say. Blake's clay court game sucks balls.
If ******** turns up then maybe Blake in 3.


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Lots of errors from both sides.On hardcourts they would play more long rallies then on clay.Go figure.