Blake Vs Moya


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THE AMERICAN ROOKIE TOOK CARE OF CARLSEN WITH RELATIVE EASE 2 AND 3. James also bagelled Gonzo for 1 set at IW playing some good stuff. Hes matchup against moya should be explosive, big forehands and both great movers. I think james might get some luck and edge this one in two sets. Predictions?


Moya will win. He was playing pretty well against Roddick. All he has to do is hit to Blake's backhand. Moya's big topspin to Blake's backhand (which i personally think is one of the worst one handers ive seen among the top players) will be too much for Blake.
ShooterMcMarco said:
i think this entire match will consist of 7 backhands and the rest forehands :)
Haha I found that pretty funny...

I'm really pulling for Blake to win. Moya plays more consistent points and when Blake takes that big cut at the ball I'm always holding my breathe. Go James!!!


I did say one of the worst one-handers. Moya doesn't have a great one either but I think it is better.


DId you see Roddick come in on Moya's BH with ease? Moya could pass him with his BH if his life depended on it.


Blake's topspin backhand is better than Moya's. Charlos pretty much slices it all the time, he has absolutely no confidence hitting flat or topspin backhand. It is the worst shot in top 20.

ty slothrop

moya serving at 4-3 in the third, and blake breaks back. knowing how these guys close out matches, looks like the first man to hold wins

ty slothrop

attaboy, jimmy, 4-1 up in the breaker and then moya takes it 8-6. looked like a choke-a-thon from both sides, mini-breaks flying around like mad, anybody see how it happened?

Haka Boy

From Tennis Week, the last part about his hamstring is about the last thing Blake needs...I hope all is well.

In a match of sensational shotmaking and momentous swings, the fifth-seeded Spaniard saved three match points in the 10th game of the second set before converting his second match point in the final set tiebreak to score a 4-6, 7-5, 7-6(6) victory over Blake.

The 2003 Miami runner-up will face 25th-seeded Swede Thomas Johansson, who scored a straights sets win over Greg Rusedski, in the third round.

Playing aggressive tennis for much of the match, Blake's execution did not always match his ambition. But when Moya missed an inside out forehand serving at 4-5 in the second set, Blake had two match points at 15-40. Blake attacked behind a mediocre approach and Moya made him pay with a backhand winner down the the line. The former No. 1 followed with a 130 mph ace out wide over the high part of the net to reach deuce. Moya missed a forehand deep to give Blake his third match point, but Blake, whose one-handed backhand was in hit-and-miss mode, struck a backhand wide to let Moya off the hook.

Deflated by his missed opportunity, Blake dropped serve at 30 in the following game and Moya served out the set when a tight Blake netted a midcourt forehand.

Down a break early in the decisive set, Blake battled back to force the tiebreak. Seizing a 4-1 tiebreak lead, Blake was in control before Moya responded with successive forehand winners. When Blake blasted a running forehand winner to take a 5-3 lead he was two points from victory.

Blake had the momentum, but Moya took it back by hammering a forehand winner down the line that prompted Blake a "too good" from Blake. Moya followed with a forehand winner down the line to level the tiebreak. Catching Blake coming forward, Moya hit a low shot that caused a lunging Blake to crash to the court. He arose to face match point, but saved it with a serve-and-volley that elicited a long lob from Moya.

When a Blake shot struck the top of the tape and sat up, Moya moved in for the kill, struck a forehand down the line then blasted an overhead winner to earn his second match point.

Asserting his aggression again, Moya again came forward, another Blake shot hit the top of the tape, Moya volleyed behind Blake. The speedy Blake ran down the shot, but Moya was waiting and pushed a forehand volley crosscourt. Sprinting at full speed, Blake caught up to the shot, but could not control it and his reply strayed wide to end the match. The extreme effort sent Blake sprawling to the court face first where he lay prone six-feet behind the baseline clutching his left hamstring. While the trainer came out to work on Blake, Moya crossed the net to shake Blake's hand while both men received a rousing ovation from the appreciative crowd.

Haka Boy

In an interview with Moya after the match he stated that Blake was cramping. I hope that is true and not a hamstring

And also from the nasdaq site

Q. Do you think that Blake is back to his former form? As you said, he struggled quite a bit but he seems to be playing much better now.

CARLOS MOYA: He's playing very well. Just matter of time. He's been injured for a long time last year, and many things happened to him, and still he's young. He's gonna be able for sure to come back at his best level. He just needs a victory like he deserve today. I think once that happen, everything is gonna change for him.


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Blake Is Having No Look. He Conisistently Gives Top 20 Players A Big Scare, And Is Soo Close To Victory But Just Loses Hes Head.


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Haka Boy said:
In an interview with Moya after the match he stated that Blake was cramping. I hope that is true and not a hamstring

And also from the nasdaq site
Yep, Blake was cramping. He told Carlos he should be fine soon. Carlos went over and spoke with him about it after the match, while james was still being treated.

BTW, I asked the question you posted. *lol*

And since there's interest here, here's my notes during the final part of the third set:

Moya's up a break. The crowd is definitely pro Blake, that's for sure.

0-15, Moya just got passed.

0-30 Winner by Blake

This could be even soon.

0-40 -- Carlos hits long.


Moya is wearing orange sleeveless and black shorts.

winner return by Blake

4-4. Crowd is going nuts.

It's too bad Rafa's match is on Court 1; I don't think I can get a good enough
signal out there to do play by play.

15-15 Blake serving

30-15 Blake's forehand is really working well. another winner.

unreturnable serve.

40-15. Crowd is going wild.

And the stadium is quite full for the first match of the day. Moya hits long.

5-4 Blake. Moya to serve.

Good serve by Moya.

30-0 Volley winner by Moya.
40-0 Blake hits return long
Game Moya Blake misses volley, into net

5-5, Blake to serve

15-0 Moya UE into net
30-0 Moya wrong-footed. Winner by Blake
30-15 -- Blake hits wide
40-15 Moya hits slice BH wide
replay point, with overrule. Moya kicked the ball back.

Moya hits long

6-5 Blake

Man, life doesn't get any better than this. sitting outside, in the shade,
watching a match on stadium court, with laptop on my lap.

This is turning out to be a great match. Everyone is saying that. Carlos to

15-0 Great serve, unreturnable.
30-0 FH into net by Blake.
40-0 Another great serve. Blake hits return long.
Game Moya, after James hits long again.

If Moya had served like that when he was up a break, the match would be over.

TB James to serve:

1-0 Blake. Moya hit second serve into net. Bad UE.
Bag blew across court, which ballkid caught.
2-0 Blake. Winner by Blake
2-1 Blake Great forehand by Moya, James returns into net
let first serve
great serve, carlos hits into net
3-1, Blake
4-1, Blake. Moya mishits return, which goes wide
4-2, great serve by Moya
4-3, great serve and volley by Moya. Blake hits into net
5-3 great return by Moya, but Blake hits winner in open court
winner return by moya (Blake says "too good")
5-4, Blake
fault by Moya
5-5, even. Great FH by Moya, which Blake couldn't return
5-6, Moya. Great serve. JB couldn't handle FH from Carlos, and falls to
ground. Carlos ran around his BH to hit that FH.
6-6, Moya misses lob, which goes long

Apparently Blake had 3 matchpoints in second set, which I didn't know about,
at 5-4 in second set. At that time I was in a van making my way to key

6-7, Moya. Long rally, with Carlos putting away easy OH.

Great movement by Carlos, who wins TB 6-8. James hits wide, and falls down in
the process. Carlos is elated, with the win.

After the match James fell down, and is being looked after. Moya went over to
where James is laying, to shake hands. Hope James is okay.

Something to do with his back. Carlos is now sitting in his chair.

Actually they are rubbing James's legs. Carlos just walked over, and had a bit
of a chat with James, before leaving the court. Maybe James was cramping.
Guess we'll find out in the interview, which I'll check out. It's at 2:15
p.m. -- Moya's interview.