Blisters and ripped callouses


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Just started back up again as the weather has gotten warmer.

I've played every Sat. and Sun. for the last six weeks. When I first started, I got a pretty bad blister, which ultimately turned it a hard skin kind fo callous, that ripped the following weekend, which caused another blister, etc. etc.

Seems that just as the skin toughens up, the hard part gets ripped off the following week.

The spot is right below my ring finger on my right hand. With sweat and movement, there's no way a bandaid will stay fixed.

Should I consider a glove? Any other products I should look into. Its actually pretty painful when I play.


u just need to let it keep getting stronger. however, the grip your using might be too small?? (or in poor condition). otherwise; there's no magic cure..

just make sure your grip isn't too small... and possibly try different grips/over-grips. i find the signum pro overgrips farkin awesome!!

and be thankful you don't have tennis elbow to complain about..


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what are you talking about??? blisters are far worst than tennis elbow...imagine having blisters under the feet...cant even do anything....:confused:


Do smaller grips caus blisters? If so, how well does the shrink wrap thing work? How much bigger does it make the grip, and does it make it a different shape, or feel weird?