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  1. thelazerbeam

    thelazerbeam New User

    Feb 12, 2006
    I have recently switched from my Prince NXG oversize to a Yonex rdx 500 mid. After the first two hitting sessions with the yonex, i have developed blisters right under my middle finger. I notice this happening becasue I feel part of my skin (lower middle finger) being pinched in between the racket and my hand. It doesnt hurt so much in that i stop hitting and say "eh?" but after my hitting session, i clearly see a blister, which seems to be getting worse after each practice. Is this because of the recent grip change from a prince grip to a yonex grip? is it because the grip size i used for my prince was different than my gripsize for my yonex? the grip size for my prince was 4 1/4 with 3 wilson pro overgrips, which made it about a 4 5/8??, and my yonex is a 4 3/8 with one wilson pro overgrip. They dont feel that much different, but the prince grip feels slightly bigger. Is there any way to stop me from getting the blister? am i just "getting used to the racket?," or is it something serious? thanks for your help
  2. mislav

    mislav Semi-Pro

    Jan 29, 2006
    Probably not. Yes, you are getting used to it, and it's nothing serious. The skin will become harder in that area and you won't have any problems from that moment on.

    Just be careful not to overdo it. In that case the blister may burst, that would hurt and mess with you're playing. After it heals, though, you'd be ok.

    Might be the grip shape, or the grip size causing it. Even the type of overgrip that you use.
  3. Kris Will

    Kris Will New User

    Feb 24, 2004
    I agree with Mislav... Though it could be the size change, it's probably you getting used to the racquet. Weight considerations must be taken into account. The racquet you play with now has a different weight distribution from the previous one, so that could cause the movement of the raquet on impact due to weight transfer to be different. This translates into the racquet moving differently in your hand, and also depends on if the racquet is now spinning in your hand as well whether due to off-centre hits or just plain impact.

    Don't worry too much, it will heal and you will have more badges as a tennis player.
  4. samster

    samster Legend

    Jul 1, 2005
    You will get a callous there and won't be a problem in a little while. I usually get a blister on the thumb early in the season if I haven't played in a while over the winter. You might want to throw on another overgrip because since you said the yonex's grip feels smaller...the twisting on off-center hits are probably what's causing the blister.
  5. thelazerbeam

    thelazerbeam New User

    Feb 12, 2006
    your're right, the off center shots are causing the blisters. I can feel the handle rotate in my hand, pinching a part of my skin, causing the blisters. Can i stop this problem by putting on extra overgrips? I heard that putting on more than 1 overgrip affects the weight distribution. I already have on one wilson pro overgrip, the grip feels just a little small, do you think putting one more will affectthe weight distribution? If not, how many should i put on? If i had to choose, i would like grips that are too big, not too small.
  6. mralexchang

    mralexchang New User

    Mar 14, 2006
    I have the same problem except i'm getting mine from my ncode six one tour 90. Before i used a head LM prestige midplus 98. I never got blisters but the recent change in racket has caused blister above my palm (where buttcap is) I think there could be alot of different factors
    -i'm using smaller head so the racket is more likely to twist
    -i first used gamma supreme over grip (very tacky)
    -there is a big difference between racket weights
    -head and wilson have different buttcap shapes

    At first I thought it was the grip because it was so tacky it was causing a blister so i changed to a tournagrip and it has helped a bit. I've been playing on and off depending on the condition of my blister and noticed its going away. I really think your hand just has to adjust to the racket if your changing to a different weighted stick and if you have a tacky grip it just has more of a chance for a blister to form while your adapting.

    After my blister heals i may put back on my tacky grips but going back to tournagrip (i used to use it 3-4 years ago) feels great. Too bad the orginal doesn't come in different colors.
  7. andyroddick's mojo

    andyroddick's mojo Professional

    Jan 2, 2006
    I had a blister pop on me from tennis once. That was right after I switched to my wilson ncode 6.1 95. I think it was because it was heavier then what I was used to, so that caused more rubbing against my hand, because of the weight. I couldn't play tennis for another week because it hurt so bad, but now the skin is harder so I don't get blisters as often.

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