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Rafa, you wanted us to write and comment about your blog or post, I LOVE IT!!! It is full of the youth and freshness that caracterizes you. Don't stop doing them they're very interesting. Well, I'm dying to now why you call Feliciano Lopez 'Fidgiano'. You promised you would tell us so pleeeaase tell us already!!! This is the type of 'gossip' that we like, not the harmful ones, but the funny and curious ones haha. Good luck on RG!!! I now you will win again.
Besos, Alondra:D

Rafa, pediste que te escribieramos para decirte que pensabamos de to blog o post, ¡ME ENCANTA! Esta lleno de la juventud y frescura que te caracteriza. No pares de hacerlos son muy interesantes. Bueno, me muero por saber por que le dices a Feliciano Lopez 'Fidgiano'. Ya nos prometiste que nos dirias, por favor dinoslo!!!! Este es el tipo de 'chisme' que nos gusta el que no es destructivo sino gracioso y curioso jaja. Suerte en RG!!! Ciao
Besos, Alondra:D


"Also, people have asked me about my diet. I don't have a special diet but obviously I have to take care with what I eat. I eat pasta, meat and pizza. One thing I don't like is tomato. Even with pasta I prefer to have it without tomato. Also, I don't like cheese. Some people tell me I will like it when I get older but for the moment I don't like it." -RN

So, in his diet he likes pasta, meat, and pizza, but with no cheese or tomato?! Without all the extra fat from cheese and calories from tomato wonder he stays so cut! What is pizza without cheese and tomato?
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