BLX 90 replacement

I’m looking for advice on my next racket. I’m 37 so even though I love my blx 90s it’s time I find something a bit lighter to swing. What I’m looking for is something with a thin beam like the 90, above 11 ounces with good plow through and control of a 90. Head size isn’t an issue for me as it’s more of the weight of the blx when serving that is forcing this change. I’ve lost the pop on my serve and I’m not getting enough free points. Not sure if anything like this exists but I’m hoping you folks can make a recommendation. I would prefer older racket recommendations as I’m not looking to pay retail on new rackets.
From my experience when making the switch from the PS90, the Prince Phantom Pro 93p is a good spot to start for its thin beam and its precision with the 18x20 string pattern. If you want something forgiving, the TT95 is a good start for its low power and the extra 5 square inches that gives it some pop to your shots.


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Mid and thin beam, the prince 93p is the first one to mind. Despite only 3sqin difference the head shape and the more pronounced throat makes the 93p feel larger. I used to play the Diablo mid and I am pretty sure they've got the same shape. The Prince TT95 has a similar shape to the 90 you're using but as mentioned the serve power is lower. However you will find it much easier to swing off the ground.
Give the 93p a try. String it low to get the pop. Or TT95 with weight in in the hoop.
In addition to 93P, other options I'd suggest looking into: Dunlop CX200 Tour, and Angell TC90 or TC95. I think Angell owners coin the term "Thor's hammer" for Angell sticks when it comes to serving.
I think you might find some of the racquets mentioned even more demanding than your 90. Those 90's actually pack a serious punch. A soft frame with a tight string pattern just isn't going to offer you any more power, even if the head is a little bit bigger.

I would consider something like a Blade 16x19 or PS97 and add lead/leather grip etc as necessary.
Thanks for the recommendations everybody. The 93p definitely sounds good on paper. I was eyeing the blades as a potential replacement. Time to demo I guess. I will pick a few of these up and hopefully one will give me that joy that I get from hitting with the 90s.
I grew up with the PS 90 using synthetic gut. Today, I'm looking for a larger head size frame and switching to poly. Couple of things I've learned:
1. Try 18x20 with a larger head size. The density should be similar to a 16x19 in a 90 sq in frame.
2. Add weight to the newer frames to match the PS 90. I hated all of the replacements in stock form until I added lead to match the swing weight and balance of the PS 90.

I'm really liking the MG Radical 18x20, but heard great things about the Pure Strike 18x20. Since these are starting out lighter than the BLX90, you can add lead tape until it reaches the heft that returns the pop to your serve.