Bodo's slanted analysis of Kim's win

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    I don't think he gives enough credit to Kim. If anything, she looks a much tougher player today than she did the first time around. And I find it curious that there is absolutely no mention of Jennifer Capriati in this article. If anyone, Capriati would seem to have the most in common with Kim in terms of coming back after leaving the game. Instead, Bjorn Borg is the person he chooses to compare her to???

    So the subtext here is that a Belgian comes back after taking time off from the game, wins the U.S. Open, and the conclusion is that the WTA is in trouble. But if an American (Capriati) does it, then all is fine?

    Now I'm not saying the WTA doesn't have its issues, I just think that Bodo had a conclusion in mind and picked the facts that would support it. By his yardstick, all of women's tennis during Margaret Court's post-motherhood career would be completely worthless.

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