Bone Bruise of Hamate Hook in hand. Advise, tips, please help.

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    Jun 4, 2008
    Hello and thanks in advance, hoping someone can help with some advise and experience, this is a first major injury for me and lack of experience. There are way too many questions and I am seeing a professional but just need more advise.

    So I had a lot of pain in my dominant right hand associated with gripping and after seeing a doctor finally after about 4 weeks or more of pain/discomfort while playing tennis etc. I was diagnosed with a bone bruise in my Hamate Hook, x-rays showed it, a common injury for golfers, baseball, tennis players, anyone holding a racquet etc. Fortunately it was only a bone bruise and not broken which would involve remove broken hook. The pain was mostly felt in the back of my hands, kinda all over, and my hands were swelling up, palms etc. Cause of injury, not sure, I have been playing tennis for 3 yrs and baseball for 7, I think it happened at batting cages was hitting 90mph fastballs w/o gloves and metal bat with very little padding, and around same time started using Wilson K90 Tour with larger grip than my usual 4 1/4 and heavier than my usual 11oz racquet, stupid thing to do I know now but didn't expect this to happen, and I thought it was just normal soreness taht would go away...

    Info about Hamate Hook, I only have a bruise, not broken....

    Now I was told to wear a wrist splint for 2-3 weeks, immobolize hand pretty much, to let the bone bruise heal and soreness of tendons, ligaments etc. all over hand go away etc. It has been two weeks and some questions that I am gonna ask my doctor tom but need more opinions/advise from someone who may have a similar injury or fracture in hand.

    1) Keeping my wrist immobolized for so long, maybe more than 3 wks if I feel it is not healed, am I in danger of Atrophy or loss of range of motion???

    2) Does about 2-3 weeks seem enough for a bone bruise to heal, doc said from x-ray it was very minor etc.

    3) I feel I have a bit more pain now all over hands, is it normal can cos I havent use my hand much and healing?? Before it was only when swinging or gripping something hard and using an object like a knife to cut etc, now i can barely turn the keys on my door lock w/o pain..

    4) I only remove the splint when I shower and can't bend wrists now much, is this normal? I am not forcing anyway and I feel pain even when moved a little.

    5) I guess from the way my hands feel now, when I do remove the splint, I should probbaly wait a week or two to play, cos i won't have full range of motion etc. anyway, kinda worried and this is normal yes? I mean i have pain now doing simple things like using a pen, turning a key, cos not used it much for i need to exercise hand slowly to strenghten it?

    Any links to stuff I could do?


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