Bone Spurs and Elbow Surgery :Racquet Suggestions?

Two large bone spurs in rt elbow along with lingering TE PAIN. Surgery is inevitable. Any suggestions on a new stick?? Currently using POG 107 and Head Speed Pro 100. Help a hurting brother out PLEASE.


Also have a look at the the pro kennex range, I own a clash and a black ace 315 and both very soft on the arm. But better control with the black ace

vantage boy

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my rehab racquet is a PRINCE 100 PHANTOM PORT 03. THEN ONCE HEALED WENT TO MY head prestige MP 360plus strung with tecnifibre 18mm at 45lbs and i use a wilson gel comfort grip. NO pain even at 61 years young


I tore my ECU tendon in my wrist after playing with the Pure Drive and Pure Aero for years since juniors. I switched to the DR98 and now the Phantom 100G with no issues since the Babolats. Any racquet with an RA under the low 60's and stringing in the high 30's did the trick for me.


I have chronic TE issues and play with the Head MicroGel Oversize. It's a compromise as it's not as spin friendly nor as powerful as the POG. But, my elbow is much, much better. I also have a Prince Phantom 100 but could not play with it because having the widest part of the frame at the far tip threw off the timing on my forehand. It is VERY comfortable though. I am considering trying a ProKennex Black Ace in the spring.