Bookmakers are Nole's biggest fans


Bookmakers right now are in heaven thanks to Djok's loss against Wawrinka. In fact, Djok's losses in slam finals in recent years have meant a fortune for the bookmakers.

Here's the bookmaker's road to a life of wealth:

1) Make Djokovic the heavy favourite for every grand slam
2) Stupid people who think the bookies odds are God's words bet en masse on the Serb
3) Watch Djok lose 3/4 slams every year
4) Massive profit for bookies
5) In case Djok happens to win, he was such a heavy favourite and thus his odds so low, bookies don't have to pay out much

Djokovic is a blessing for the bookmakers.


Bionic Poster
True. Someone with such a huge domination in non-majors faltering at the final step of majors repeatedly is what the book makers love .

Deleted member 733170

If you knew anything about bookmaking you would realise that their odds are shaped by the general public who place bets.