Borg and Federer the only open era greats to not defeat 2 all time greats in same Grand Slam


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I would say Courier is my cut off point, reason being he won 4 majors, had a brief period of dominance, and was the first guy since Laver to make all 4 slam finals in a year ('93).

Courier didn't make the USO final in 1993. He did reach the final of every slam in his career though obviously, though Edberg accomplished the feat earlier e.g. the 1991 USO, where as Courier had to wait until Wimbledon 1993 to complete the set.
Fed and Borg were garbage. Weak era vultures. Borg was sent packing by McEnroe after the 81 Wimbledon HUMILIATION. Federer should have quit with some dignity left in 2012. Instead, he's been exposed. Borg was a coward but Fed is a confirmed MUG
Not even mentioning all Borg's failings against technologically inferior Enterprise. 8-B


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Djokovic is the one with legit case of beating 2 ATGs. In 2011, Federer and Nadal were already established ATGs.


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How many of those are 5 years older than the players they defeated?
Six years older than Djokovic.

How many were 35, 36 and 37 when playing in the final? Everyone on the OP's list were LONG retired by then except for Connors, who was a complete non-factor in all slams after he turned 32.