Boris Becker B-Xplosive Strings

Discussion in 'Strings' started by schap02, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. schap02

    schap02 Semi-Pro

    Oct 20, 2008
    Anyone tried these new poly's?
    Was thinking about buying a reel since it's only 40 bucks?
  2. layziaznboi

    layziaznboi New User

    Oct 2, 2009
    Sorry about posting really late, but I just recently tried these strings, and since it doesn't seem like a lot is known about these strings, I thought I'd post anyways. First off, these strings are extremely smooth, even for a polyester. It's also somewhat stiff, I don't think as much as ALU power strings though. When I was hitting with it, I found I could get a fairly good amount of power out of it. Unfortunately, there was little access to spin, I hit with moderate topspin, so I was experimenting using a full eastern grip and trying to add as much topspin as possible, even in that case I couldn't get as much spin as if I just used prince synthetic gut DF. The same goes for serves too, I'm a lefty so I like to use spins, but I couldn't get it from these strings. But I did find that even though I could get power out of these strings, there was still a good amount of control because I was able to hit it straight to the baseline and make it in just by a few inches. I think these strings are great for people who use little to no topspins in their game, but for those who rely on topspins or slice/kick serves, they're probably the most frustrating strings you can play with. But I just felt like using synthetic gut DF 16g as the mains, strung tightly at 62, and the B-Xplosives semi-low at 55. I actually found that I really liked this set, even though I never use a synthetic as the mains and poly as a cross. Since the poly is so smooth, I think it allowed the synthetic to rebound up easier allowing me to get more spin than just the SGDF by itself, and because of the B-Xplosive, there was a bit more power than a full set of SGDF. Both strings delivered good control for me, so that remained unchanged. The one problem is the durability, since the poly is so stiff and is a cross, it sawed through the mains maybe 4x faster, it's about to break, and I've only used it for 3 days, normally SGDF lasts me about 2 weeks to maybe 2 1/2 weeks. Oh and for the poly by itself, it's fairly stiff so it's a bit harsh on the arm, but not as bad as most polys out there, when I did the hybrid, I could hardly feel the stiffness at all.

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