Hi all,

Haven't been on here in a long while!

Just moved to Boston, Yes, I realize it's February and freezing cold outside.

Looking to play a good amount this spring/summer. I'm in Cambridge. We have some pretty awesome (lighted) courts at Pemberton Park nearby but I'm game to take the T.

If you have any suggestions on casual league (ladders) or anything of that sort.? or just casual meet and play type of things? I read somewhere about courts on the Charles near downtown that just have a random sign up for people that want to schedule their own matches. I'm a 4.0 - 4.5 Player level.

I tried this website before called It seemed like a decent amount of the people in the ladder I signed up for were from Boston. Though it's possible you would be facing lower level players. I'd volunteer to play but I'd probably feel guilty making you take the T and haven't played in awhile.

Edit: Sorry that wasn't helpful. I really was just kidding about your pic.
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