Bouchard 2015 Racquet


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Bouchard is using an Aeropro Drive + at stock specs. Her frame is pink to support the Aeropro Lite Pink. If someone strings one of Genie's rackets they can confirm, it does not say "Lite" says "Aeropro Drive +.:

When you say stock specs, do you mean the same ones as they have on the retail ones or a different babolat stock specs which are not available to the public?

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I don't get why people find it so hard to believe that Bouchard uses retail stock specs. Do you think that every tennis player is a super human or something wielding massive swingweights. Believe it or not, you don't have to have a massive swingweight in order to hit big. Even with stock APD you can hit very big groundstrokes. Heck, it wouldn't even surprise me if a substantial amount of ATP pros use stock specs.

There must have been a time when these pros weren't sponsored and were using normal retail rackets. Therefore why would they change the specs of their racket just because they've suddenly gone pro.


Bouchard actually plays like her racket is lightweight. Muscles the ball a bit.


So I was watching Bouchard playing Safarova yesterday at the Hopman Cup and noticed that she had a new looking stick. Although it has a similar design to the new play connect AreoPro Drive the colour scheme looks different as hers has more red and no yellow on it. My best guess is either a new racquet (maybe a new AreoStorm) or Babolat messed up on the paint job for her new racquets and have not had the time to replace them.


There's a racquet in that photo? :)


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Looks like she switch a batch of rackets. Is the Lite PJ and racket looks standard length now. Also possible string change to RPM/gut?