Brad Gilbert?

Yes, I am. I was listening to some of the things he was saying, and I'd known that he was his coach before. I never knew why he fired him though. It sounds like Gilbert knows what he's talking about.


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Saw on that the match ended, shall we say, a little early, without giving anything away?
He retired in the in the 3rd set after the first game. He asked for the trainer, and the trainer said that he couldn't retape during a set. Roddick would've had to wait til after the 3rd set to retape.


From reading Pat Cash's book...
I read something about Brad Gilbert drinking a bit too much coffee and thus
tends to rant a bit during breakfast. So I think this is why Agassi got rid of him..
so now Darren Cahill coaches Agassi and so he heard that from him then told Pat Cash? so maybe the reason Roddick got rid of Gilbert was he got on his nerves a bit? considering Roddick is a pretty hyperactive kind of guy....


gilbert is a bit arogant but a great coach, i had privilege to meet him and i don't know why andy dit it but i suppose he was trying to improve his game buut in a wrong way


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There's never been any real explanation but Roddick has said that he needed to hear a new voice in his head and wanted a coach who felt the same way about his game that he did. He complained that Gilbert wasn't around enough, didn't help improve his shots, etc.

Gilbert says in his new book, subsequently published with an afterword, that he feels it was a combination of not getting along with Andy's dad, not doing enough to improve Roddick's fitness and getting paid too much.

No one will know for sure.

As for Agassi and Gilbert they both said that after eight years it was time for a change. That's a remarkable run considering Gilbert's hyperactive personality. Amazing Andre didn't kill him at some point.


Hopefully since he is working as a commentator he will learn to stop being a motor mouth. every once in a while. Its funny, you can tell he is itching to say stuff on TV but he supresses it so that the other commentators can talk.


Well Gilbert is an ass (as usual his prediction today; that the ankle was no problem and Andy wins in three was just slightly off the mark); it has been stated online that it was felt that Gilbert commanded too much attention, which detracted from Roddick (though it is indisputable that he was doing something right; look at the results since).