Breaking string too often, Miss hit myth?

The string on my racket typically lasts 5 to 6 hours of play. I'm about a 3/3.5 player with a SW forehand and always use 16 gauge strings. When I ask the stringing guy at the local shop about breaking string too often he said I probably miss hit a lot, as many folks here say too. My understanding of miss hit is if the hit is outside of the sweetspot. HOwever, most of the time if not all, the string on my racket breaks at the 5, 6, or 7 main, a couple of inches down from the center of the racket. On a Wilson 95 headsize, this should be right in the sweetspot. This brings up a question, does the string break at the point of the ball impact most of the time? I'm just wondering if I indeed hit towards the edge of the frame but the pull on the entire string bed breaks the string at the weakest point. Otherwise, things just don't add up.


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Try Luxilon string, it last much longer than other string and holds its tension better too. I tend to break when trying to hit heavy topspin and hitting off center closer to the frame with it.


Strings usually break along the weakest point along the mains which come in contact with the ball. Usually the center of the mains have suffered more "wear" / work on the ball.

Do you brush up on the ball quite a bit?


Well if the mis hits are causing the breakage, the string would break near the grommet where the mis hit was. A mis hit won't cause a break in the sweetspot. Your breaks are caused just by normal hitting, notching, whatever you want to call it.

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JustPlayIt said:
The string on my racket typically lasts 5 to 6 hours of play. I'm about a 3/3.5 player with a SW forehand and always use 16 gauge strings. ...
WOW! You must spend more on stringing than I do on FOOD!

If it was me, I'd start by finding another stringer. There's no way a 3.0 or 3.5 player should be breaking that many strings. Sounds to me like he's more interested in lining his pockets than providing you good service.
Thanks guys. I do hit quite a bit spin on my forehand. So sounds like the string usually breaks where the ball hits. I want to make sure about this so I know whether I really miss hit that often. Quite often I think my string breaks when I have a solid hit. Like this last time, it broke when I was returning a hard server. Ironically that's the best return I had in the entire set. The timing was perfect and the ball went back flat and fast, not the usual loopy spin ones I hit. I didn't feel any shock to my arm either.
Geezer, yes I'm getting a stringing machine to do it myself. The money I spent on stringing so far this year is enough to buy an entry level machine.

No, the shop is not where I send my racket to for stringing. I went there to watch how he strings to get an idea on how to do it myself.


I used to play with a Bandit OS; it had a 16x19 stringing pattern.

I'm certainly not that hard of a hitter. In fact, I do not even place that much topspin on my shots.

But, if I played five times a week, I'd break my 16 gauge strings in about two weeks. If I used 17 gauge, they'd break in one week.

Is this possibly because I like to "fix" my strings a lot?


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Well, Kevhen has it right - if you want you strings to last try Luxilon Big Banger - don't think you'll break those. Feel of the stuff is not teriffic but you can almost go out and hit stones.

I have to assume you play on Har Tru (Clay) courts because that material can/will greatly reduce the life of strings. The surface material is rather sharp and often it get attached to balls especially is there is any moisture. I break a lot of strings but I probably play a lot more than you (3-4 hours per day) and I suspect I might hit a little harder.

Sometimes stringers get hold of "old" string which could also be the problem - would have to assume his equipment is ok.


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What kind of strings do you use that you break so relatively quickly? Many multis won't last very long, especially depending on the conditions in which you play.

Hugueley, why do you buy expensive strings if you mostly just hit against the wall??
Mostly cheap strings, Wilson Stamina SPin, Prince Syn Gut, Gamma Syn Gut, etc.

Why does everyone say 3/3.5 level playing shouldn't break strings? Because they can't put spin on the ball, don't hit hard enough? On the other hand, wouldn't 3/3.5 payers miss hit a lot according to some people? And miss hit breaks string? Anyway, I think there are quite some contradictions in these theories.


stamina spin has NO STAMINA whatsoever. try just ordinary stamina. if you break stamina spin in 6 hours then stamina will take you about a week or so. as for prince syn. and gamma syn., if they are the original kind then you'll break it more frequently than if you use the prince syn. w/ duraflex or gamma syn. w/ wearguard
Thanks a lot. I'll try what you guys suggested: Luxilon, Wilson stamina, Prince Syn Gut w/ Duraflex, and Gamma Syn Gut w/ wearguard. Didn't know what Duraflex and weargard were for so stayed away from them since they're also pricier.


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Try the Prince Syn Gut w/DF before you try any poly strings. If you still break strings too often or want more control and don't care about the well-being of you arm, then go for the polys.


I like Prince Synthetic Gut a lot. I wouldn't rank myself as a 3.5 but my forehand shots are probably about 3.5 in power and control and I play 9 hours a week. Its been like 3 months so you do the math. If I broke my strings that much I would cry.... how did you manage? My strings are NEON green and I just love them because they aren't as slippery as some other strings.
I realized Luxilon is more than twice as expensive as the Prince Syn Gut w/DF or the Wilson Stamina. Is it the poly you're talking about, TennisDog?
I don't know SageOfDeath, I really want to cry :mad: I'm not a muscular guy though I do put quite a bit spin particularly on my forehand. That's why I wanted to find out whether I really miss hit that often and that bad so I can do something about it. Maybe I need to have a coach take a look at my game. The string does shift a lot during play and I have to constantly pulling the mains back in place so they are straight.

Anyway, my stringing machine came yesterday. At about $4 each for the Prince w/DF string, I think I can afford breaking as often now :p


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Most the people I know that break a lot of strings hit with lots of top spin and power. I have never heard of mishits being the cause and it doesn't make sense to me.

Get yourself a stringer, you will like it a lot! I just bought the silent parter model for 300.00 and it's very easy to use. It makes playing around with different strings combos and tension very affordable.

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JustPlayIt - The guy who said your miss-hits were breaking your strings was a *dope*. Don't pay any attention to him.

Regular Stamina will last longer ... and (IMO) have less "feel". But now that your strings are so much less expensive you can afford to try different setups.

To balance my "Feel/Durability" problem, I'm using Sensation 16 Mains + Stamina 16 Crosses ... but I'm still trying to find "A" set of strings which will suit me. (Finding the right string is almost a bigger *headache* than finding the right raquet.)

Here's my "Short List" of options:
• Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro
• Yonex Tour Super 850 Spin
• Prince Synthetic Gut w/ Duraflex
• Technifibre X-1 Biphase

Know that string choices are also as "personal" as Racquet choices....

- KK


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Luxilon is more expensive, yes, but I was just refering to the characteristics of all poly strings: stiff and hard on the arm, but with great control. I am having elbow problems right now so I am trying to avoid polys. Many people say that poly strings destroy their elbows and others swear by them. It is worth trying a pack, I suppose, but you can probably find what you are looking for in a softer, cheaper string.