Breathe Cage I.. The best ever?


I don't know about you guys but these two colors are my favorite of the cage line that Nike has released. What are your comments?



Also if anyone knows where I can get a pair in a 8.5 e-mail me!


bought a pair of the top colorway for $45 sometime in 2007. Decent shoe, I had a lot of foot movement inside. The mesh slit near the outside swoosh ripped but I felt the damage was more aesthetic than substantial.

Extremely similar shoe to the Breathe Free 2's (which IMO are better), but I cant complain since I got these for a decent price.


I had the white and blue Wimbledon ones, great shoes and even looked good for just chillin in. Would love to get another pai, any ideas where?


I'm STILL intensely desiring a pair of the black/green/white!!!

Can any one sell me a pair in 8.5?



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I guess I'm proud of myself for buying quite a few pair when they were out. I wear a 14 and it's hard enough to find shoes that fit, let alone shoes that fit, look good, have good durability and with no break-in. I am currently still using the black and white pair (with the silver uppers) and the light blue and obsidian pair (the ones in the OP's post). I have a pair of CB 2.3s that are just sitting there until I wear my Cage I's out. My other pair of match shoes are the Barricade 6.0s. They fit similar to the Cage's but just aren't quite as light and not quite as stable laterally.