Brisbane Final--Soderling vs Roddick

Who ya got?

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Here we go, Sod and Roddick about to play yet another hard court match tomorrow that looks to be very promising.

Sod leads the H2H 3-2:

ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Paris
France Hard Q Soderling, Robin
7-5, 6-4 Stats

2010 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Cincinnati
OH, U.S.A. Hard R16 Roddick, Andy
6-4, 6-7(7), 7-6(5)

2010 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Indian Wells
CA, U.S.A. Hard S Roddick, Andy
6-4, 3-6, 6-3

2008 Lyon
France Carpet Q Soderling, Robin
7-6(5), 7-6(5)

2008 Memphis
TN, U.S.A. Hard Q Soderling, Robin
7-6(6), 6-3

Very close sets in each match. Soderling can also reach #4 in the World with a win I believe.

Who ya got? :twisted:


Roddick in 3, Soderling tends to crumple to guys who can hold serve and just put alot of balls in play (i.e. Federer).


I'd have to say Soderling between the two. Roddick is in good form, but Soderling is absolutely crushing the ball. Two very close sets with Soderling coming out on top.


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Mental edge to Roddick in the breakers + consistency.

2 tight sets, maybe three.

Roddick has a habit of making great players look good and good players look great. We'll see.


You would think that after losing so many matches playing this way someone in Roddick's camp would have figured it out by now.
the big problem for Roddick is Soderling read his serve very well. The American is so vulnerable without his main weapon


Roddick will start to get more balls in play. He always finds a way to get into these type of matches.

He needs to just hit the ball flatter, putting spin on the ball on this surface just lets it sit up and let Soderling crunch on the ball.


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Man, Roddick doesn't even have to go Miami on his FH; he just has to hit it a bit flatter and more aggressive. No need to beast it and go all out on every ball, just keep it from going into Soderling's wheelhouse.

He probably won't, though.


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I'll say this; Roddick's doing well to stay in this match despite being being outgunned right now.