Broke a racquet while stringing.


So, someone came in with 3 Head racquetball racquets this weekend. Head racquetball racquets are generally pretty simple and I see lots of them and never have a problem. The first two were no problem. The 3rd one was a Liquidmetal Photon. I have never seen one before. I will never do one again. Here's a picture of the throat.

There are 3 holes in the throat. The one with the red arrow is supposed to support two runs of string. The two holes above it each support one string.

The throat snapped like a wishbone before I was even halfway done with the mains.

Looked online, found a replacement for $50.


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No grommets? How are those strings supposed to last? Good luck with the replacement.

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Well, the replacement of course was pre-strung and I'm done with this racquet. My recommendation to anyone who has to string a Photon is that unless they can get it mounted on a 6 pt vise, decline the job. I couldn't get it mounted on my Star 4 without using an extender that would make installing the top crosses impossible. The machine I used has retainers similar to the Neos 1500. Will not work.


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I had a racquetball racquet come in yesterday. Every time after futsing with the stupid stringing pattern, I tell myself "Never effing doing racquetballs again."
Why on earth were they made like that? JFC.
Sorry you had a frame break on you, that always sucks.


String racquetball frames is insane. Their instructions always make me cringe/run away and hide/refuse to do them. You have just reinforced my belief that there is a very good reason not to do them.