Broken racquet


I broke my Hybrid Shark MP...
Noticed a smal 1/4" hairline crack on the throat yesterday, probably a nick against something. 4 hours of play later, boom, one side of the throat gone. Funny enough, I still could serve very well with it and won the tie break. It was making the cracking sounds on every ground stroke.
I finished it off against the ground just after:

On the side note, the Shark is really made out of 3 layers of braided graphite, not just a small patch at visible spot like another brand. Pic:



Hall of Fame
it's interseting to see whats inside of the racket. my former coach keeps the borken throats to use them as training tools for serves. he just gets a old sock and stuff it in with old tennis balls. then he ties it on around the throat. guess he's getting the most out of the racket. even if it's inital purpose is gone.