Bug - BOLD keeps appearing. Auto formating?

Chas Tennis

In REPLY box I had put bold words in two paragraphs below.

Now when I type in stuff it bolds the new text. For some text the bold does not disappear when I remove the bold. Instead I remove it and reapply it and then the bold disappears.

Here is a COPY of the reply that I was working on.

"The basic microscopic driver of muscle contraction is the sarcomere. It has two systems for contracting:

1) Actin & Myosin Crossbridges
2) Titin

Actin & Myosin Crossbridges. These have been understood and studied for many decades. Important research was done by Archibald Hill in the early 1900's. The mechanism for muscle contraction is 'actively' cause by the brain sending nerve signals, EMG Signals, to the a muscle cell (many sarcomeres). This releases calcium that causes muscle contractions. You can search 'sarcomere animations' and see how the cross bridges of Actin & Myosin are formed and cause contraction.

Titin. Titin is also located in the sarcomere. Titin supplies the elastic forces (forget the tendons).It is not as well understood and there is a lot of current research on Titin. How it is controlled is not well understood.

All human motion involves both the cross bridges and elastic forces. I believe that if you lift weights the Actin & Myosin provide most forces through most of the lift. If you do plyometrics Titin"

I have removed bold on a few places of the wording after the word Titin in bold was entered. Even this text I'm now typing is in BOLD. Reminds me of MS WORD auto formating.