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    I'm a freshman in college and I'm seriously considering coaching either high school or college tennis when I get out. I'm just curious about what sort of things I should put on my resume in order to make it appealing. I currently play #2 doubles and #3 or #4 singles on a pretty low level Division 3 school and currently have a 4-1 record in doubles and a 5-0 record in singles.

    There's a chance that I get conference Rookie of the Week in the upcoming weeks and if I continue to play well I might even be able to make the All-Conference team by season's end.

    The past 3 summers I've worked for my father who runs a tennis camp by teaching children ages 7-15 how to play the game.

    Besides past work experience, past playing experience, and awards and honors, What else should I be putting on the resume? Would it be beneficial to get either USPTR or USTA certified? What else can I do to bolster my resume?

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    Once you graduate, try and get a position as assistant head coach at a university. Maybe your own, or one near by. Talk to coaches and tell them you're interested in coaching the following year. They'll already know you by playing NCAA, so that is a plus. The fact that you already know the college system will work for you. A friend of mine did this, helping to coach the women's team after he graduated.

    USPTA is the most widely known in the world.

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