Buttcap inquiry: can you use buttcap of diff. racket brand? HELP!

I figured I'd seek help on this forum, since there are so many knowledge, helpful people with experience with this stuff...

So I just bought a couple of Prince Tour 100T's and am needing to customize these light little guys. Straight to the point:

Is it possible to use a buttcap of another racket brand and put it on my Princes? These Prince buttcaps do not have "trapdoors," and since I may need to do some experimenting with this weight customization, I will need to get in and out of the buttcap (for lack of a better phrase lol). Obviously, stapling and restapling with my limited know-how with this type stuff may result in damaging the handle material... I've actually chipped away a very small part of the material already, which I doubt will be a problem.

If the answer to my question is yes, it would make life much easier. At 10.7 oz. strung with an almost even balance, I will have to weight this up in the handle for sure...

Thanks in advance to anyone who has info. on this! I've been doing PT for a month for TE, am to the point where I can start hitting again, and I'm itching to get this customization done and see how it feels.


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TWE had some Textreme Buttcaps (they have the trap doors) but I have also used Angell buttcaps on a few of my Princes. The best way is just to order a few and try them out. I ordered a couple from different brands, and have ended up using them all eventually (they come in handy). So yes, some buttcaps will fit on other frames, and Prince are probably one of the easiest to fit other companies on. I have to go look and see if I have any Wilson buttcaps left, and if I have a project Prince frame laying around, I will see if I can get it to work. I am sure others will chime in, but if not, I will find out this weekend. Good luck rehabbing your elbow!!! Hopefully you will be back out on court with your custom frames in no time!!

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As said above the textreme butt cap is probably your best option if you want it to feel the same shape. I put a yonex butt cap on several wilsons and they fit nicely and served my purpose at the time of a smaller flare. Since the prince bevels are not similar dimensions to other brands the corners of other brands would be a bit off and possibly more important the flare would be greater in one dimension than another.

Since the old buttcap didn't have a trap door the old butt cap is probably lighter and mounts with less overhang to the end of the handle, going to the Prince Textreme butt cap, or any others with a trap door, will probably add .125in to .25in to the length of your racquet. If you key your grip off the location off the buttcap your swingweight will increase a bit as well.
Thanks a bunch,JohnBP and Moonshot! Looks like Textreme caps would be my best bet... now I need to track some down. Shouldn't be too tough in Orange Co., Socal. JBP, I'm interested to see if those Wilson ones fit onto that Prince frame you said you may have lying around...

AFA the added length and slightly higher swingweight due to the different caps based, of course, on what MS said, I wouldn't think it would be too significant. I just bought a cheap food scale from Target, so I can weigh everything out and I suppose use a knife's edge to locate new balance point, just to know, although I'm not gonna fixate on every single detail. I basically know how and where the weight I'll add will change the physics of the racket. The Prince Tour 100T is 1 pt. HL, and I'm adding at least 14g in the handle (plus some weight at 12ish and a tad at 3/9 for TW/stability.

Yeah, all these details that come along with customizing rackets is pretty new to me, but TT, I'll figure it out lol.
Thx again!