Bye bye Gomer

Thought for a moiment it was Sara Gomer, the lefty one hander.
But it's Gomer Pyle.
Sorry. Sad. Thanks for the news.
Sweet guy. Jim Nabors. Good fellow. God rest his soul.


Bionic Poster
"Back home agaiiinnn in Indiaaaannnaa..."

RIP Jim, aka Gomer
Every year on Memorial Day but Jim was a Cracker not a Hoosier. Born and raised in Alabama, a Crimson Tide grad, moved to LA due to asthma problems. Discovered by Bill Dana while moonlighting as a singer/comedian at a nightclub. Quit his job as a film cutter after Andy Griffith followed Dana to his show at The Horn and had his writers sketch in the character from Jim's nightclub routine. The result was history.

Time for Sgt. Carter to hand out the KP duties to Pyle up in Camp Pearly Gates.