C10 pro vs. VE mid, who can compare?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by matchmaker, May 8, 2008.

  1. matchmaker

    matchmaker Hall of Fame

    Aug 16, 2007
    As the title indicates can anyone (NBMJ, Rabbit, Chowdhurynaveen,...) who knows these two racquets make a comparison.


    Sweetspot? High/low? Narrow/broad? Long/short?

    Flex? Throat, hoop?


    Service potential?

  2. ericsson

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    Dec 7, 2005
    Land of beer and chocolate
    Power: I could hit a heavier ball with the C10, with the VEmid you need to swing harder to compensate, i think the VE is a very low powered racket.

    Sweetspot: I found both not too big, other volkls have bigger sweetspots IMO, that said i still would go for the C10, i found the VEmid quite small, especially in the upper part, no power at all there, so unless you're a good striker you could get troubles finding it...both sticks have better results lower mid part then high when you mishit.

    Flex: The c10 flexes most at the throat, that gives a unique feeling that you have to get used to, or you like it or you dont, the VE feels stiffer at the throat due to the V-engine throat and the fact it's 18x20 gives an overal stiffer stringbed.

    Spin: no question about it, the C10! a flexy frame with a 16x19 pattern is a spin machine, no wonder Bruguera and Mantilla and many other liked this frame, the VE is more suited for hard flat hits IMO

    Service: Simple, for spin and slice serves, the C10 and for hard straight flat serves the VE

    Volleys: That's a tough one, i would give the edge to the VE here, quicker to move around, i also like a stiffer feeling when put away the balls, the c10 on the other hand is softer on impact what results in a better touch.

    Last but not least, i really spend some time with both sticks and found that they are really string sensitive, my thoughts on the C10 were that it feels better strung harder with a slightly stiffer string (Alu power)
    In the VE mid i liked a softer string more with mid tension, not too hard cos by that you make the alread small sweetspot even smaller and you create a boardy feeling.

    Just my thoughts...
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  3. jayserinos99

    jayserinos99 Hall of Fame

    Feb 18, 2004
    I have to agree here for the most part; the C10 for me hit a heavier spinning ball from the baseline than the T10VE but I hit a more 'laser' like ball with the T10VE. The launch angle of the ball on both frames are vastly different. I think if you hit with a bit more spin, it can't get much better than the C10 IMO.

    As noted before, the T10VE sweetspot is somewhat narrow but for me I didn't have much problem finding it. The C10 sweetspot is easier to find but IMO the C10 is a more user friendly frame than the T10VE.

    The C10 has a flex in the upper hoop that the T10VE doesn't have IMO. Also, as noted above, the stringbed and stiffer VE makes for an overall stiffer feel however it is not harsh like other brands.

    Noted above, C10 hits a spinner ball and also has a steeper launch angle at impact. However, spin is generated with the T10VE if you consciously go for it (through a more extreme swing path for example).

    Pretty much dead on but I would like to add that as a primarily kick server (and volleyer), the T10VE has wicked spin capability provided the operator can generate the racquet head speed (which shouldn't be too difficult since the T10VE has a 318 sw).

    For me, I can volley well with both frames (and just about any other frame for the most part) but they have different feels as ericsson pointed out; it's really about personal preference if you like a softer or harder feel.

    My thoughts on string for both frames is that I would prefer them to be in the mid 50s range. I really wish I had dropped tension before selling my T10VE mids; my experience was that when my natgut/syngut hybrid dropped tension was when it played best. My C10 is strung at 54 with Blue Gear mains/Maxim Touch crosses and it plays quite well with nice pocketing of the ball; I like the 'catch and release' qualities of the frame+stringjob.

    Probably the biggest gripe about the Volkls has to be the grip shape, what I plan on doing is going with the S-Pallet which is a bit rounder and installing them onto a couple of T10VE mids and see if they help improve the grip situation.
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  4. Rabbit

    Rabbit G.O.A.T.

    Feb 11, 2004
    I didn't care for the V10 Mid at all. But, I don't care for dense string patterns. Consequently, I really didn't hit too many balls with the frame.

    From what I remember, it felt like the string bed was considerably stiffer and didn't pocket the ball at all in comparison to the C10. That was probably my biggest complaint. The Mid was maneuverable enough, but that was the only redeeming quality I found in the frame.

    The C10, especially strung at the right tension, is a dream IMO. I guess I center the ball more often than not and the frame rewards me with a great feeling, even with an all-poly set up. My current string choice is Pacific PolyForce Original and it is a great compliment to the flex of the C10.

    I can also say that I have tried the wrong string at the wrong tension in the C10. Had I done this when I first tried it, I probably wouldn't have bought...
  5. matchmaker

    matchmaker Hall of Fame

    Aug 16, 2007
    Thanks Rabbit, Ericsson and Jayserino,

    Sounds like I am really going to have to try the C10 pro. Although I do like the VE mid quite a bit. IMO it could use a little more power and a somewhat broader sweetspot.

    What I really like about the VE mid is the upper hoop, it enables me to take some shots at the tip and just steer them into the corners of my opponent's court.

    I was surprised to read the C10 is still a lot softer because the VE10 is the softest frame I have ever played with and some people refer to it as a wet noodle, although I personally like this type of feel.
  6. fuzz nation

    fuzz nation G.O.A.T.

    Oct 20, 2006
    I had a very unimpressive demo with the VE mid a while back, but I have no idea what sort of string setup came in that sample frame - it really felt like a brick. Can't make much of a comparison, but I play the C10 a bit these days and enjoy the softer behavior for my all court play. I find that this racquet lets me crank up very good spin for slice and kick serves, but I also rate it way up there in terms of frames that can deliver a lot of heat on my serve when I want it. The Donnay mp from TW is a nice hitter off the ground and I like the flexible aspect of that racquet, too, but the Donnay seems to definately have more of a limited power potential than the Volkl.

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