Call for stories about Gamesmanship

Off The Wall

What unique forms of gamesmanship have been perpetrated on you. (We'll assume no one on this board would ever need to stoop to such tactics.)

I'll start.

The guy I was playing in a tournament brought along his girlfriend. She was hot. She wore a low-cut clingy shirt and a short skirt. She sat on the courtside bench and pointed herself in my direction while continuously crossing her legs.

I lost concentration. But it didn't matter; he sucked.


Hall of Fame
Not really "gamesmanship" but there's a guy in the USTA league I play that mis-reports the scores of his matches in his favor. If he beats you say, 6-2, 6-4, he'll report his score as 6-1, 6-3. It's pretty stupid if you ask me but the reason I know it's on purpose is because he consistently knocks a single game off of his opponent each set. He did it all season this year.