Calling Marat Safin fans!


I am not sure, but have all of you visited Marat's Official site? It just came up a while ago and they have a fan club there which is free to join. These are the benefits you get courtesy, I understand the last two things have fairly good chances of winning. I just joined yesterday. I'm crossing my fingers.:

"These are the current benefits for Members.

1.Access to Forum.
2.Participation in monthly draws for a Marat racket or a Marat Adidas Shirt.
3.Join in the draw at certain tournaments to be one of four lucky fans to be selected to get tickets to that day at the tennis, a chance to meet personally with Marat, have your photo taken and get a poster signed. To benefit from this chance, fans must be in the area or attending the designated tournament. "

pound cat

2 rackets that Head says Safin uses recently sold on e-bay for $120 for the pair. They were never used by him...Frames were intact, not repainted.


His Prestige classic with LM paintjob would go for at least $500 (broken or new) on the market.. but those are prob. just regular LMs with his name written on it..