Calling Prince enthusiasts: Identify this racquet


Hi guys,

A few years ago I bought a racquet from someone on the forums and it lay around my house for said years. I started using it recently and found it to be absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, now I'm using it as my main racquet I only have one I'm looking for at least one more.

I know its a POG OS but I want to find out what year and such. Here's a few photos:

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ummm.. sorry mate.. not many tennis rackets have their manufactured date on them. Looks to be the original pj from the 80s though


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I thought that might be the patent date for all POG racquets?
Nah, the POG came out in 1980, not in '87. Perhaps that particular design you have was patented in 1987, therefore your racquet is from 1987 or very close to that year.


Thanks guys! I'll have a looksy around for another. My biggest problem is remember what grip size it is!